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ABout The ComMitteE ...

Julie Brand (Chairman)

My name is Julie Brand. I am 41 years old. In my non-TREC life I am a self employed courier - although in this weather willing to consider other options!
I have four horses: Tara, a bay 16hh TB mare. She is another of my horse’s, Lima’s mother and is 19 years old. She has done some L1+2 TRECs but has never been a lover of going a long way and prefers dressage!
Raeleen, a bay 16.1hh ex-flat racehorse mare. She is 14 years old and has done one TREC where she managed a massive 35 combined PTV + CG score! She is not really cut out for TREC – she would do better if she could follow everyone else over the obstacles!
Lima, a 16.3hh bay mare, who is TB x Welsh. She is 9 years old with plenty of character! This is the one you might have seen me hanging off ears of! Lima has competed at the championships L3 and has also competed L4.

Brimble, a chestnut 14.1hh Welsh Section D mare. She is 14 years old. She is actually my mum’s horse but is just bred for TREC. She will go all day and cross almost anything and has no idea that she is not a thoroughbred like the rest of my girls. The brakes do not always work on this model! Brimble has completed L3 and L4 and previously won the L3 pairs at championship level. We have been competing in TREC since 2001 (I think)
My greatest TREC achievement was winning the GB L3 pairs championship with Claire Bedell in our first year at L3. Claire was riding a borrowed horse. Brimble even scored 34 in her Control of Paces - never since repeated!
My worst TREC experience was taking the wrong PTV obstacle at the championships in Cumbria 2007 (!) and probably losing the championship as a result!
The following year Brimble won the English championship L3 pairs, with Jane Anscombe, on a very hot weekend in Wiltshire. My Stirrup leather broke 1/2 way around the PTV which made things more interesting!
The highest level I have competed at is level 4. My favourite TREC obstacle is the low branches as you don't have to slow down and I seem to be able to get under most times! My worst obstacle is off side mounting from the ground. My horses’ favourite obstacle is anything involving jumping! Their worst obstacle is the rein back.
In terms of future plans, I would really like to get a good score in both parts of the Control of Paces. Oh - and for Lima to behave herself for the entire competition. This year I would like to qualify for the championships but with the change in rules and very few qualifying competitions, this might prove tricky
We are currently looking for new committee members - if you would like to join us please let us know - we would love to hear from you.

Debbie Percy
My name is Debbie and I live in East Devon by the coast. As well as being lucky enough to have 3 horses I also have a 9 year old son, a dog, 10 cats and 4 ex-battery chickens. When not cleaning up after that lot I work part time as a primary school teacher in order to keep us in hay and biscuits.
My oldest horse, Maggy, has just turned 21. She is a 16.3hh ID x TB whom I have had for 17 years, and has been retired through injury for about 8 years now. She is currently enjoying her well-earned rest whilst acting as tolerant nanny to my youngest horse.
Ellie is 12 years old and her daughter. She is also my TREC horse. I bred her myself and she has been a challenging mare since the early days. We decided to try TREC as it looked fun and I thought it might give her something to think about. It seems to have done the trick and the variety and adaptability of TREC seem to really suit her and her moods. We entered our first indoor Winter TREC in 2010 and I have been hooked ever since. I was thrilled to receive the TSW Newcomers trophy at the end of our first season and in 2011 we competed at the GB championships on Dartmoor at Level 2. My worst TREC experience was probably watching Ellie gallop off into the distance on our first full TREC on the Quantock hills. But all’s well that ends well – she was found and after a thorough ‘check over’ went on to complete the PTV the next day and take top score in our class! To say TREC has made me truly fall in love with my feisty mare is no exaggeration.
Valdi is the baby, a 16.2hh Polish Warmblood Trakener cross who was bred to do dressage. Unfortunately before he hit his first birthday it looked like his riding career was already over and he was retired lame. However, he has just turned 4 years old and, although he will never make the competition horse I had hoped for, there is a chance that I may get to ride him gently after all.
I am also a qualified TREC judge. Ellie has a habit of going lame so after helping to judge at a competition we had entered I thought I might as well learn how to do it properly.

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